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Fantastische Belgische Gin

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Out of a shared passion for gin, 3 friends ‘aka’ BRO’s decided to join forces in creating a gin that embodies all of nature’s best. The official launch took place for a select audience at the 'Culinary Innovators Awards by Gault&Milau' where Bro’s in was tasted and approved by a great number of sommeliers and Michelin star chefs. Spirits specialists all around the globe recognise BRO’s gin as hip, tasty and above all very accessible for everyone.

BRO’s gin is a well balanced herbal gin with a subtle touch of citrus,infused with 13 natural botanicals, such as juniper berry, rosemary, lemon, orange peel, cardamom, java pepper, basel, coriander and apple. "A gin that embodies all of nature's best."

A magnificently well balanced London Dry gin, full of flavour and not just for tonic. Patiently distilled in small batches, using traditional copper pot stills. T

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